Three Hill (H3) City Walk: From Mount Emily To Fort Canning To Pearl’s Hill

Three Hill (H3) City Walk: From Mount Emily To Fort Canning To Pearl’s Hill

The central area of Singapore used to be a lot hillier than it is today. The Three Hill City Walk, or H3 Walk as we like to call it, makes it way from around three of Singapore’s remaining hills in the city. It starts from Mount Emily Park and makes its way to Fort Canning Hill before ending at Pearl’s Hill City Park.

Three Hill (H3) City Walk: Start at Mount Emily Park

Three Hill (H3) City Walk: Start at Mount Emily Park

Mount Emily Park is a quiet and rather secluded park that is tucked away not far from Little India. It was previously the site of one of Singapore’s first public swimming pools.

The swimming pool at Mount Emily was converted from an old service reservoir. This is one of the features that all three hills on this walk have in common – because of their elevation, they were once or currently are the sites of service reservoirs.

Today, what remains of the swimming pool at Mount Emily is just the entrance, which still bears the municipal coat of arms of Singapore. This is the starting point of the Three Hill City Walk.

Mount Emily Park

From the former entrance, make your way up the hill where there is a children’s playground. From this, the top of Mount Emily Park, you can get a view of the Central Business District in the distance. This is the general direction of the second hill on the trek, Fort Canning Hill.

Walking down from Mount Emily along Wilkie Road.

Walking down from Mount Emily along Wilkie Road.

old buildings with a distinct charm.

You will pass by old buildings with a distinct charm.

Towards Dhoby Ghaut Green

Follow Prinsep Street towards Cathay Building. Cross towards Dhoby Ghaut Green and across Penang Road.

Exploring Fort Canning Park

Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel

The Fort Canning Park Tree Tunnel is a popular spot for photo taking.

Towards the Fort Gate

At Fort Canning Park, head up towards Fort Gate, past the Battlebox museum.

Exploring Fort Canning Park

The Fort Gate is a nice place to take a picture or two.

Sang Nila Utama Gardens

Another scenic spot to visit is the Sang Nila Utama Gardens with its distinctive landscape.

Raffles Garden

A checkpoint that you should reach is the replica lighthouse at Raffles Garden.

View of Pearl's Hill in the distance

From here, you can get a glimpse of the third and final hill on the city walk, Pearl’s Hill, peeking out from between two buildings.

Urban Walk in the City

Descend Fort Canning Hill and use the overhead bridge to reach Clarke Quay. One of the landmarks, just beside the overhead bridge, is Whampoa’s warehouse.

Read Bridge

Cross the Singapore River using Read Bridge. Carry on straight to Merchant Road and turn to the right.

Overhead Bridge on the H3 Walk

Another overhead bridge at Riverside Point will take you across to the Central Square area.

Urban exploration in Singapore

Admire the charming building and the pedestrianised streets like Angus Street and Cumming Street.

Crossing towards Pearl's HIll City Park

An overhead bridge at the junction of Sollomon Street and Havelock Road will take you to the old housing flats at Upper Cross Street. You will find yourself a stone’s throw away from Pearl’s Hill Road.

Pearl’s Hill City Park

Pearl's HIll City Park

Pearl’s Hill was named for the captain of the Indiana, the ship which carried Raffles to Singapore. Today, Pearl’s Hill City Park is also the site of another service reservoir. A long flight of stairs from Pearl’s Hill Road leads up to the reservoir.

Pearl's HIll City Park Pond

From the top of the stairs, follow the path to the end of point of the H3 City Walk, the pond at the southern end of the hilly park.

Map of Urban Walk from Mount Emily to Fort Canning Hill to Pearl’s Hill

Hope you enjoyed the urban walk around the city of Singapore!