Hindhede Nature Park: 5 Things To See & Do

Hindhede Nature Park: 5 Things To See & Do

Found at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill, HIndhede Nature Park is often overlooked by the hordes of people making their way up the Main Path. Accessible by a path next to the Visitor Centre, the quiet park is a lush alternative nature spot for those who many not wish to trek up the hill.

Hindhede Nature Park - What to Do

Hindhede Nature Park is part of a series of nature parks that help to protect and preserve the Central Catchment Area. For a dose of nature, here are 5 things that you can look out for and do at Hindhede Nature Park.

What to Do at Hindhede Nature Park

Flying Fox at the Children’s Playground

What to Do at Hindhede Nature Park - Children's Playground

There is a nice sandy children’s playground at Hindhede Nature Park. With swings and structures for kids to enjoy, it is a welcomed spot for young ones to visit. One of the highlights of at the HIndhede Nature Park playground is the flying fox, which can be found in a clearing.

If the kids aren’t playing away at it, perhaps adults can have some fun and ride on it too.

Foot Reflexology Path

Forest Bathing is the practice of allowing the scent of the forest to help heal your mood. At Hindhede Nature Park, you can not only engage in a spot of forest bathing but foot reflexology too. There is a foot reflexology path set under the tall trees of the park. A good spot to get a bit of both in at the same time.

Picnic Area

Hindhede Nature Park Picnic Area

If you wish to enjoy some piece and quiet in the midst of lush vegetation, the park has a picnic area with tables where you can sit down. This isn’t far from the children’s playground.

Lookout Point & Bird Watching

Lookout Point & Bird Watching

One of the highlights of Hindhede Nature Park can be found all the way at the end of the park. There is a pavilion and a lookout deck where you can view the former Hindhede Quarry, which has been flooded and looks like a spectacular lake.

The Hindhede Quarry is a popular spot for bird watching, attracting avid birders. Species that have been spotted here include woodpeckers.

Off-Road Trail

Off-Road Trail

Don’t just stick to the paved paths at Hindhede Nature Park. There is a short stretch of off-road trails as well. This will lead you along the lower levels of the nature park and is easy enough that even kids will be able to enjoy it.

Hindhede Nature Park Walking Trail