3 Different Levels Of Bukit Timah Hill Hikes & Walks

3 Different Levels Of Bukit Timah Hill Hikes & Walks

Hiking Bukit Timah Hill is one of the most rewarding experiences that any walker in Singapore can experience. It is an opportunity to venture into one of the last remaining patches of primary rainforest on the island. And there are various Bukit Timah Hill walking routes that you can take – some easy, some harder.

Bukit Timah Hill walks range from the easy to the moderate to the hard. Easy walks at Bukit Timah Hill can be done by families with young children, while the others may require more persistence and endurance.

Here are 3 levels of Bukit Timah Hill hikes that you can attempt.

Bukit Timah Hill Hikes

1. Visit Hindhede Nature Park: Easy Walk at Bukit Timah Hill Base

Bukit Timah Hill Hikes

Located at the foot of Bukit Timah Hill is Hindhede Nature Park. This park is relatively flat and is well-paved.

The highlight of this walk at the base of Bukit Timah Hill is a stop at the Hindhede Quarry, a disused granite quarry that has been carved out of the hill. This area has a shelter and is a popular spot for bird watching enthusiastic as well.

Hindhede Nature Park also has the de facto Bukit Timah Hill playground.

Those who wish to venture off well-trodden path can also walk along a dirt path that leads downhill and along an earthen path.

2. Bukit Timah Hill Summit Hike

Bukit Timah Hill Summit Hike

The majority of people will head up the Main Path that leads from the Visitor Centre up to the summit.

The first section of the hike to the Bukit Timah Hill Summit is very steep. At the top of the steep slope is the Kruing Hut where you can take a rest. Make it past this section and you will arrive at a section which has a gentler gradient.

Further up along the Main Road, there is a fork in the road which leads to the left. This runs to the Bukit Timah VHF Station. However, this is more of a side trip.

Most people will press on towards the summit. A set of stairs known as the Summit Path is the shortest but steepest way to the top of Bukit Timah Hill.

Alternatively, you can follow along the Main Road which is gentler and meanders up to the summit.

3. Cave Trek at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Cave Trek at Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

If the paved road up to the Bukit Timah Hill summit is not doing it for you, venture off the Main Road and into the dirt tracks that make its way through the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve on a Cave Trek.

The first turn off is not too far from the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve Visitor Centre. It is to the right of the Main Path and known as the Taban Loop. The Taban Loop connects to the South View Path which leads away under the trees.

The South View Path leads to the South View Hut. While there isn’t much of a view from the hut, it does serve as a good checkpoint.

Carry on along the hiking path and you will arrive at the Cave Path. There are two caves here; they have been hewn out of the granite hill. The Cave Path comes to a t-junction with the Catchment Path. Turn to the right and you will be on the way to MacRitchie Reservoir and the Central Catchment Reserve. Turn left and you will find your way back to the Main Road.

This Cave Trek is challenging because it is off-road and has upwards and downwards slopes.

Doing The Bukit Timah Hill Hikes & Walks

The three different Bukit Timah Hill hikes each offer something different. They are all worth doing at least once.